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Crawford County Dairy Banquet
Crawford County Dairy Banquet
Kaitlyn Riley, Alice in Dairyland
Crawford County Dairy Royalty
2019 Crawford County Dairy Royalty

THE 2019 CRAWFORD COUNTY Dairy Princess Regan Kramer posed for her first photo after being crowned at the Dairy Banquet in Eastman. Little Miss Squirt, Lorelai Young is on her left, and the Little Miss Squirt Attendant Brecklyn Schlee is on her right.

A proud moment
Lorelai Young, Little Miss Squirt
Little Miss Squirt Attendant Brecklyn Schlee
2018 Dairy Princesses Rachel Kramer and Caitlin Nolan
State Representative Loren Oldenburg
2019 Dairy Princess Regan Kramer
Dairy Banquet Draws a Crowd
2018 Dairy Princess Caitlin Nolan