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Don’t wait! Fill out the 3C Co-op online survey before May 31.
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CRAWFORD COUNTY - The time to fill out the 3C Co-op online survey is NOW! Tell your friends, tell your family!

To access the online survey, go to: 3C Co-op Website Home Page @ www.3C.Coopby clicking on the dark green rectangular button titled ‘Open Access Internet Survey
To access the online survey, go to: 3C Co-op Website Home Page @ www.3C.Coop by clicking on the dark green rectangular button titled ‘Open Access Internet Survey
3C Co-op

The content of the open access survey is identical to that of the surveys that were mailed to the randomly selected group. It will be available until noon on Saturday, June 1, after which the link will be removed from the 3C Co-op website.

Please only complete this online internet survey if your residence, farm, or business is in 3C Co-op’s service area.  Do not complete the survey if your location is in the service area for Vernon Communications Cooperative, Richland Grant Telephone Cooperative, or within the city limits of Prairie du Chien—all of which currently have access to broadband internet.

If you live in Prairie du Chien Township, but outside of the city limits, you are in 3C Co-op’s service area.

Also, please do not complete this open access online survey, if you already completed one in response to the mailed survey invitation.  Your responses and vote have already been counted.

All other people living in 3C Co-op’s service area, that are 18+ years old are encouraged to please complete this online survey.  

To ensure the open access survey’s data integrity, it is very important that any person completing this online survey submits it online only once!

The data from this open access survey will be tabulated by the UW-River Falls Survey Research Center, separately from the results of the survey mailed to the randomly selected group, and incorporated into their final report.

People completing the survey can provide their name, address, and contact information if they would like more information about 3C Co-op.  

Providing this information is not required, though it would be extremely helpful for 3C Co-op to communicate with people responding and determine which are interested in signing up for internet and the other services that 3C expects to offer.  Those signing up for services would become 3C Co-op’s members and owners.

The Research Center will only share contact information with the co-op, not any other specific responses.

3C Co-op is committed to the Rural ‘Internetification’ of Crawford County, building the fiber optic infrastructure that would provide Fiber To The Home (FTTH) for all residents in its service area.  

News and updates regarding 3C’s FTTH Project will be posted on its website, with other useful info.  All potential members are encouraged to ‘Register’ on the website, which also allows access to the Blogs.

Email Info@3C.Coop  for information about how you can contribute to the success of this project, or call 608-735-4322 (608-735-4 3C Co-op).