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Soldiers Grove plans to spruce up the village
Village of Soldiers Grove

SOLDIERS GROVE - ‘Sprucing up the village’ and ‘repairing the park’ were definitely the major themes of the regularly scheduled Soldiers Grove Village Board meeting on Thursday, May 2.

To kick the meeting off, members of the Soldiers Grove William Schoville American Legion Post #220 reported to the board about their plans for a fundraising event on Saturday, May 4. 

Auxiliary President Julie Ruef and Commander Brian McCoy told the board about their plans to sell plaques with resident’s names on them to be placed on the gazebo. The event would also include a gun raffle, a food truck for which the Lioness’ were paying for the food, and a dunk tank for which members of the board signed up as dunkees. The group plans to present the village with a check at their June meeting.

Continuing the ‘repair the park’ theme, Director of Public Works Brian Copus recommended that the board approve two bids for repair of the fences around the ballfield, and around the tennis court/skate park area. The amount for the ballfield fence was $9,986, and for the tennis court/skate park area $19,628.

“The bids are from the same company that did the work for us 10 years ago,” Copus explained. “They are recommending an eight-foot fence for the tennis/skate area instead of a 10-foot fence, which will be less expensive.”

The board approved both bids. Copus told them that the work should be done before June.

There was also discussion of ‘No Fault Sewer Extended Insurance Coverage,’ with a renewal amount for the village of $1,750 per year.

“Village residents need to understand that their insurance deductibles will come into play with respect to the 2018 flooding before it will start to hit the village’s,” Trustee Vicki Campbell pointed out. 

Trustee Shayne Chapman suggested that the village send out a letter to residents explaining this with the next water and sewer bill. “Basically, they need to know that the village’s insurance company will fight their insurance company.”

The board voted to renew the insurance policy as proposed.

At the end of the meeting, Trustee Campbell raised a sore point, with the upcoming summer and events season approaching, about the need for village residents to “clean up their properties.”

“We’ve got Dairy Days coming up, and now Driftless Brewery and Solar Meats are opening up, and we need to use our ordinance to get resident’s to clean up their properties,” Campbell said. “We need to send out a letter notifying residents, giving them a deadline for completing clean up.”

Copus raised the question of whether some of the properties in question should be condemned by the village. “Some of these properties are likely becoming health hazards in our community, and if nothing else we need to notify them that if they don’t clean up their properties, the village will hire someone to do it for them and the cost of that will go on their tax rolls.”

In other business, the board

• voted to donate $500 to the Gays Mills Swimming Pool

• voted to donate $750 to the North Crawford Summer Recreation program

• approved picnic licenses for the Lion’s Club for the BMW Motorcycle Club event, for June Dairy Days, and for the Driftless Art Festival.