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North Crawford and Seneca Trap Shooting teams off to a strong start

The Seneca and North Crawford Trap Shooting Teams both practice and shoot competitively at Outback Shotgun and Sports in rural Seneca, owned by Dave Benzing. The team’s results for week two of the five-week Spring 2019 season are posted below.

sen trap team(a).jpg
The Spring 2019 Seneca Trap Shooting Team is now in week two of the five week competition. Athletes participating include, back row: (left to right) Kadin Wallin, Lane Wall, Anya Aspenson, Damian Dudenbostel, Kain Salmon, Lucas Kilburg, Noah Sprosty, and Kade Simpson; front row: (left to right) Wyatt Bausch, Brandon Eick, Preston Mabb, Joey Oppriecht. Ashton Swanson is not pictured.

Two North Crawford trap shooters shot ’25 straight’ in week one competition – Gabe McCann and Chase Baumeister. Sandon McClurg had a near miss, scoring 24 in both of his rounds. The scores for Seneca and North Crawford Trap Shooting athletes in week one of regular competition are as follows:


Preston Mabb  15            19

Wyatt Bausch  22              21

Brandon Eick  20  17

Damian Dudenbostel 18 19

Lucas Kilburg  11  15

Noah Sprosty 1816

Kade Simpson  18  18

Anya Aspenson  17  20

Joey  Oppriecht 23  22

Kadin Wallin  20  23

Lane Wall  18 23

Ashton Swanson18  22

Kain Salmon  2016
Trap Club(a).jpg
The North Crawford Trap Shooting Club is back in business, resuming competition shooting this week. Members of the club include: back row, Wyatt Jones, Thomas McCormick, Sandon McClurg, Gavin Schell and Matt Cody; front row: Caleb Johnson, Kaeden Chellevold, Preston Herfel, Riley Chellevold, Keegan Bender and Satchel McClurg; missing: Gabe McCann, Chase Baumeister and Paxton Swiggum.
Trap Club_new mbrs(a).jpg
Seven new shooters have joined the North Crawford Trap Shooting Team in Spring of 2016: back row, Ellaree Young, and Lizzie Moran-Fortney; front row, Jake O’Dell, Axel McCormick, Keith Bankes and Mason Olson; missing: Caleb Salmon.

North Crawford

Gabe McCann     25  23

Gavin Schell       19 22

Riley Chellevold 15 18

Sandon McClurg 24  24

Paxton Swiggum  20 22

Preston Herfel     18  19

Matt Cody  20 18

Caleb Johnson    22 19

Chase Baumeister  21 25

ThomasMcCormick  21 16

Kaeden Chellevold 19 20

Keegan Bender  19 18

Wyatt Jones  19 19

Satchel McClurg19 20

Trap Top 10

The North Crawford and Seneca Trap Shooting teams have asked, in the interests of friendly competition, to publish a “Weekly Top 10” of shooting scores for the athletes from their two teams. Each athlete shoots two sets of (25) clay targets each week, for a total possible score of 50, and the numbers published below are the athlete’s combined score for both rounds:

NC-Gabe McCann  48

NC-Sandon McClurg  48

NC-Chase Baumeister  46

SEN-Joey  Oppriecht 45

SEN-Wyatt Bausch  43

SEN-Kadin Wallin  43

NC-Paxton Swiggum  42

NC-Gavin Schell  41

NC-Caleb Johnson  41

SEN-Lane Wall  41