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Readstown Canoe Races offered good, refreshing fun
HARLAN DOWNS seemed pretty confident as he prepared to compete in the canoe race with his mother and father.

READSTOWN - The Friends of Readstown held a fundraiser event on Saturday, June 8. The event took place in their park, which was recently cleaned up after last year’s flooding with a lot of community effort.

Part of the event was their annual canoe race, a timed 6-mile race from the Readstown Tourist Park to Soldiers Grove’s Memorial Park. Nine teams competed in what appeared to be a very relaxed and refreshing watery event.

SOLO KAYAKERS were by far the most numerous entrants in the canoe race.

Results from the canoe race include:

• First Place Solo: Suzie Howe, ’23 Years,’ (65 minutes)

 • Second Place Solo: ‘Red Rocket,’ (71 minutes), with tandem 

• Third Place Solo: Solo ‘Slow and Steady,’ (83 minutes)

• Fourth Place Solo: John Howe, (97 minutes) 

• Fifth Place Solo: ‘Fire’ and ‘Air,’ (tied for fifth at 117 minutes)

• First Place Tandem: Liz Voz and Jesse Downs, ‘Slow Boat to China,’ (71 minutes)
Liz and Jesse
A FAMILY OUTING seemed to be the goal for canoe race team Liz Voz, Jesse Downs and their son Har-lan Downs from rural Readstown. Harlan was quite a card in front of the camera, and seemed to be no stranger to canoeing.

• Second Place Tandem: Dave Nichols and Jordy Roy, ‘Floating Frogs,’ (90 minutes)

Floating Frogs
THE FLOATING FROGS canoe team looked competent and relaxed as they started out their race on Saturday morning. Frogs team members included Dave Nichols and youth Jordy Roy, and a third team member who preferred not to be named. “Last year, we were pretty close to last, but mainly we’re just out to enjoy nature and see God’s creation.”

• Last Place: Dwight, ‘Easy Pro,’ (123 minutes)